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Eagle Signal Micro 190 PLC

More Built-In Functions... Plus Plug-In Flexibility

NOTE: This item is also sold under the trade name Unisource - part number UC8200. Eagle Signal brand Micro 190 Programmable Controllers, with many standard built-in features and plug-in flexibility - have only a 5-by-7-inch footprint. These small programmable controllers offer the flexibility and versatility of much larger, and more expensive, systems. Our exclusive "plug-in" technology has been applied to I/O modules, expander units and PROM backup memory - providing a cost-effective way to customize your configurations precisely to your needs. The Micro 190 contains all of the functions of timers, counters, cam timers and sequences, plus math and data handling capabilities. The Micro 190+ adds 16 built-in PID loops for temperature, pressure, and flow control applications.

  • Mix and match analog and discrete I/O on the base unit
  • Lowest cost PLC with PID control
  • Direct modem connection with selectable baud rates
  • Thermocouple inputs
  • Compatible with Windows DDE
  • Built-in RS-232 computer programming port
  • Built-in RS-485 computer programming and network port
  • Built-in RS-232 printer port
  • Compatible with a wide variety of operator interfaces
  • High speed counter module - add/subtract and quadrature

Analog Control and PID Loops

The Micro 190+ is the only compact programmable controller available with 16 built-in PID loops. Plus, they are easy to configure. Use the loops with analog or discrete outputs for temperature, pressure and flow control applications. Two-circuit analog input modules have 11-bit resolution. Software allows linearization & engineering unit conversion of the analog inputs. Modules are available for current, voltage and thermocouple inputs. Like all of Eagle Signal brand programmable controllers, the Micro 190 and Micro 190+ have built-in communication and networking ports, simple yet powerful programming, and Data Access and Display Module (DADM) that you can use to access timers, counters, analog loops and data registers. A hand-held programmer is also available.

Powerful, Simple Programming Done on Your PC!

A powerful Symbolic Relay Language - SRL-190 - was designed specifically for the Micro 190 controllers. With the SRL-190 software supplied, you can create an application program on your IBM™ compatible personal computer, load it into the Micro 190, execute and monitor the program on-line - all from the computer. SRL-190 uses pictures on-screen to show you what's happening as you develop a program. Timers look like timers. Ladder logic is simple. Special function blocks, such as PID and math, are straightforward and intuitive. While in the "Monitor" mode, you can modify data in the program as it is executing. Even though SRL-190 is simple, you can incorporate your own complex mathematical functions into the program. Both the editor and monitor functions provide extensive on-line help screens.

Remote Operation Via Phone Link

Eagle Signal brand programmable controllers with RS-232 ECOM communications capability allow direct connection to a standard external modem.

Modbus Protocol available with MXDPCOM

Available from Applied Thermal Systems, Inc. the MXDPCOM dual port communications co-processor allows for 2 independent communication ports to be active at the same time. The dual port board has both RS-232 and RS-485 available. It supports the Modbus RTU protocol, and baud rates up to 19.2kb. This will now allow you to connect your Eagle controller to any of the popular HMI interfaces, or data collection / SCADA software packages.