SX210 Series Reset Timer

The SX210 timer is a microprocessor based digital timer housed in a standard DIN style case (68mm square cutout).  The small case and front bezel require minimal panel space yet provide large, easy to use programming keys and a .3 inch high LED display.

■ Eight programmable time ranges and eight output operating modes
■ Operating modes and all other setup functions programmed with miniature rocker switches located on the back of the housing
■ Nonvolatile RAM memory retains setpoint, actual time values, and program parameters (10 year expected life of data in memory)
■ NEMA 4 Hosedown Test rated
■ Special surface just below the display on which the function can be marked with pen or pencil
■ SET and ENT keys provide access to setpoint and front panel programmed functions
■ Programming changes entered via increment and decrement keys
■ Keypad "lock" function allows setpoint to be viewed, but does not allow unauthorized changes
■ Four .3 inch red LED displays for easy readability

  • Function Type  Single Function Timer
  • Voltage  120 VAC to 240 VAC
  • Frequency  50Hz, 60Hz
  • Timing Mode On-Delay/Standard Start
  • Size  72x72mm
  • Time Format  Multi-Programmable
  • Output  Relay or Switch
  • Display  LED
  • Certifications US-UL,CSA
  • Mounting Type  Panel