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Exergen's "SnakeEyeTM" Provides State-of-the-Art Non-Contact Infrared Technology to Inspect Thermal Processes in Packaging

The superior design features of Exergen's new SnakeEyeTM Sensors allow them to be used as easily as photocells and proximity sensors in thermal process applications packaging.

In contrast to other automated methods of thermal sensing, the SnakeEyeTM is capable of inspecting not only the production quality of any thermal process, but the presence and position of the thermal process in relation to the actual products as well - at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute (300 meters/min).

Thus, Exergen has created an extraordinary sensor (patent-pending) that operates with the ease of a photocell. the sensitivity of an infrared sensor, and the capability to thermally diagnose each and every product in "real-time" to provide quality control standards for automated applications such as:

  • Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Induction Sealing
  • Hot Seals in Poly bags
  • Laser Engraved Date Codes
  • Bottle Cap Liners
  • Position Registration by Thermal Footprint

Exergen offers IRt/cTM infrared sensors for constant duty temperature control tasks, including precise control of rotating and moving heaters for heat seals, and mix temperature control. With the SnakeEyeTM and IRt/c inspecting all thermal processes, the quality and throughput of packaged product is dramatically improved.

For more information and a copy of The IRt/c Book: Handbook of Non-Contact Temperature Sensors please call 800-479-4783.





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