Standard Thermoelectric Modules

Ferrotec produces an extensive array of standard modules that meet the needs of most applications and are available for rapid delivery. All modules are available with two different maximum temperature ratings:

  • ValueTECTM modules are suitable for general cooling and stabilization applications and are rated for continuous operation at up to 150 degrees C.
  • SuperTECTM modules will operate continuously up to 200 degrees C.

Customized Modules
Many applications require customized thermoelectric modules. To meet proprietary requirements, Ferrotec engineers will develop modules to customer specifications. These special units may be nearly any size or shape to meet the most stringent application requirement. In some cases, the thermoelectric module may need to be an intrinsic part of the design. For example, in optical applications, the module may be part of the detector or diode; in semiconductor devices, it may be an integral portion of the ceramic package. The possibilities are almost limitless and Ferrotec is ready to assist with any phase of the design project.