MicroSmart Controller

The MicroSmart is the next generation of programmable logic controller. These flexible, adaptable PLCs are as compact as they are powerful, so you can create the system you need without increasing your space requirements or your budget.

All-in-One Type
The All-in-One type has models with 10, 16 or 24 I/O points.

Slim Type
The Slim type is available in four different 20 I/O modules and two 40 I/O modules.

Each MicroSmart module is equipped with a standard power supply circuit, four high-speed counters, an RS-232C port and an analog potentiometer. The housing is extremely compact - it is only 90mm in height and 70m deep.

The Slim type and the 24 I/O CPU module can be expanded with the optional modules. There are 18 available expansion modules including four analog I/O modules. Depending upon the CPU, you can create a system with as many as 264 I/O points.

Each MicroSmart module can be enhanced with a memory cartridge for programs or a real-time clock and calendar cartridge, and an RS-485 communications adapter or an additional RS-232 adapter. These adapters allow the MicroSmart to connect to PCs, printers, barcode readers, or other RS-232 devices as well as to IDEC operator interfaces or other PLCs. The MicroSmart can also be linked to as many as 32 other MicroSmart modules as a master or slave, or as a slave to an OpenNet Controller or PC.

The newest accessory in the MicroSmart series is the HMI module, a plug-in LCD unit for display and monitoring. It fits directly into the All-in-One module or into the HMI Base Module for use with the slim type module. The HMI module can access certain menus and edit values, even while the system is operational.

MicroSmart modules are programmable with the Automation Organizer Suite, Idec's intuitive ladder logic software. Programs can be stored on the optional memory cartridges and transferred between modules. The CPU modules also feature user program read/write protection.