SG4 Type 4 Finger & Hand

This is where performance and price meet. The SG4 series of light curtains all the basic features in Type 4 applications with a price to make anyone happy. With mounting brackets that rotate, no physical connection necessary between emitter and receiver to synchronize, and configuration that can be accomplished without external control units or supplementary cables, the SG4 Type 4 light curtains are one of the easiest to install on the market today. In addition, the 7 segment LED display found on the emitter and receiver unit makes alignment and servicing easy.

Key Features

  • Integrated light curtain for Finger or Hand Protection
  • Finger protection 14mm resolution and operating distance up to 6m
  • Hand Protection 30mm resolution and operating distance up to 19m
  • Controlled heights from 150 to 1800mm
  • Test/Restart, Auto/Manual Restart, EDM functions included
  • User interface with LED display with alignment function
  • Sturdy profile and rotating brackets
  • Compact 32 x 37mm profile