IDEC Web Server Module

The IDEC Web Server Module offers multiple features bundled into one module, and can be used with several IDEC PLCs including the MicroSmart Series, OpenNet Controllers and the Micro3C.

The main features of the IDEC Web Server Module include:


  • Remote Maintenance allows you to use IDEC software (WindLDR or WindSRV) to remotely monitor, download and upload any ladder program.
  • Web Monitoring lets you use Internet Explorer or Netscape┬« to monitor or update your PLC with a custom, built-in, monitor dialog box.
  • Alarm Messaging enables you to send up to 32 customized messages from the Web Server Module to an email address or cell phone*. For example, you can be notified of an error or processing condition that arises.
  • Point-to-point PLC Communication enables 1:1 communication between IDEC PLCs over an Ethernet network.
  • O/I Connectivity means IDEC HG2, HG3 or HG4 and IDEC MicroSmart PLCs can communicate even when located in separate areas.
  • Security Access permits you to password protect any unauthorized access to your system.