GPT-3 Freeze Protection Thermostat

The patented and patent pending GPT–3 Freeze Protection Thermostat is engineered to fit in between electromechanical thermostats and high-end general purpose single and multiple channel temperature controls. It offers performance features that cannot be provided by simple electromechanical thermostats while providing lower cost and operational simplicity when compared to the highend products. The GPT–3 is ideally suited for cost sensitive applications that would otherwise go unmonitored.

The computerized GPT–3 has a calibrated adjustment for setting the control temperature between 41° and 77°F (5° and 25°C). This range is ideal for freeze protection applications without being so wide that accidental maladjustment could prevent freeze protection.

GPT–3 features enhance heating system safety and reliability without sacrifi cing either operational simplicity or energy effi ciency. For example, the GPT–3 monitors heating cables continuously so damage occurring during the summer months is alarmed when it happens rather than waiting until heat is needed. Both constant wattage and self-limiting heaters are accommodated.